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SEG Football recruits its athletes from those young people recommended to us by our network of schools, grass roots clubs and professional academies.

Those young people selected receive the highest quality coaching, mentoring and guidance led by coaches and players who have coached and/or played at the pinnacle of the game led by our Director of Football Steve Kember (Chelsea, Leicester and Crystal Palace).

SEG Football consists of coaching clinics one night per week for a block of 10 weeks. SEG Football runs four 10 week blocks per year.

Director of Football Steve Kember coaching players on a field

Training Syllabus 2021/22

Each SEG Football session will endeavour to combine at least one element from each of the fours corners of the syllabus set out below

Technical / Tactical

  • Unopposed - Technique practice.
  • Ball Control.
  • Using different surfaces.
  • Possession and positioning, making space • Combination Play.
  • Uneven sides - Skill Practice e.g: 2 v 1 4 v 2 • Even sides - game - e.g 3v3 4v4.
  • Out of Possession, pressure.


  • Practical Learning.
  • Experimenting.
  • Decision making.
  • Learning styles.
  • Awareness.
  • Confidence.
  • Concentration.
  • Commitment.


  • Generic movement skill - Agility, Balance.
  • Co-ordination, speed and strength.
  • Flexibility.
  • Football functional movements.
  • Large, small aeas.
  • Nutritional and lifestyle.


  • Communication.
  • Supported when necessary (visually, orally, practically).
  • Given ownership, trust and responsibility.
  • Are the players enjoying their work.
  • Improve social skills, relationships.
  • Independence.
  • Behaviour.

Football players are kicking a football on a field

SEG 2023/24 Performance Development Programme


TMWA Sports Ground, Lime Meadow Avenue, Sanderstead, Surrey CR2 9AS.


Consecutive Monday evenings.

  • Block 1 - Monday 13 November 2023 - Monday 18 December 2023 (inclusive).
  • Block 2 - Monday 8 January 2024 - Monday 25 March 2024 (inclusive). No session Monday 12 February 2024.


18.00 - 19.30.


  • Block 1 £75.00 per player.
  • Block 2 £125 per player.
  • Block 1 & 2 £185.00 per player (if purchased together).

Contact Details

Please contact us at if you have any queries regarding our 2023/24 Performance Development Programme or if you have any other queries regarding SEG and/or SEG Football.

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