A coach is talking to a player

Our Way

The current “sign em up and spit em out” culture of junior elite sport with only one pathway or barometer of “success” is simply not right.

At SEG we believe “making it” or “success”in sport is individual to each young athlete. Enjoyment of sport at YOUR level can and does lead to success and fulfillment in not only sport but in many other areas of life.

At SEG our key areas of focus for each of our young athletes is:

  • to develop the core personality traits and skills of a successful sportsperson;
  • to illustrate how each athlete should utilise those traits and skills on and off the sportsfield; and
  • to maximise his or her potential

We believe that a successful young athlete is, and must be, more than just the sum of his or her physical attributes and skills.

Football coach Robert Kember kicking a football to a player on a football field

Does it work ?

Each member of the SEG team attributes their success in sport, the classroom and in business largely down to the core skills they developed from participating in sport and being coached by elite coaches within a developmental environment from a young age, whether in grassroots sport, professional sport or international sport. The SEG team aims to provide its athletes with the same opportunity to succeed.

Cricket coach Gary Butcher is showing a player a batting technique

Senior rugby coach Sam Howard talking with the players on a field